Plane Tree Very Special

By Lindsey Last edited 127 months ago
Plane Tree Very Special

That certain night, the night we met,

There was magic abroad in the air.

There were angels dining at the Ritz

And a nightingale sang in Berk'ley Square

Ah, the romance! Vera Lynn immortalised the posh, garden square back in the 1920s but today it's hit the news for one specific, value-for-lots-of-money, tree.

The Victorian plane tree, stretching a impressive 6ft circumference, has been valued at a staggering £750,000 in calculations to decide whether or not to chop the old fella down.

Westminster Council's valuation system considers a tree's size, health and community value before pronouncing its fate in the face of subsidence threats.

We don't know if this will bump the Berkley Square Plane Tree into the Great Trees of London list but we're certainly glad of its preservation and perpetuation as clippings will be used to plant new trees in Westminster parks.

Image courtesy of Wolfiewolf's Flickrstream.

Last Updated 23 April 2008