PCSOs Actually Do Their Job

Dean Nicholas
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PCSOs Actually Do Their Job
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Okay, confession time: Londonist hasn't always been particularly supportive toward London's police community support officers. In fact, judging by our generally disdainful tone, you might imagine that we think they're nothing more than well-meaning but ineffectual quota-fillers with nary a backbone nor a shred of common sense among them.

Well, we've issued ourselves a stern ticking off and decided to right that wrong by bringing you the news that three PCSOs have been recommended for a top police accolade for their quick-thinking response to an incident at a south London school.

Officers Rodriguez, Berthelot and Rahman were on patrol in Battersea last week when a 16 year old boy was stabbed at Salesian College. The trio sprang into action: after radioing for backup, Rodriguez attempted to staunch the victim's wounds, while Berthelot and Rahman, despite being unarmed and sans stab vests, took off in pursuit of the culprits.

Thankfully, the boy is expected to make a full recovery, while six teens, aged between 14 and 17, were subsequently apprehended and charged with violent disorder at Balham Youth Court. One of the six was also charged with grevious bodily harm with intent.

Three cheers for the PCSO! Until another amusing case of incompetence or idiocy comes to light, that is.

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Last Updated 30 April 2008