Londonist Stays In

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Londonist Stays In

We’re pretending the snow on the weekend didn’t happen, as we choose to ignore weather that displeases us. While we’re inside hiding from Mother Nature, here are a few things we’ll be watching.

Monday, 7 April

EastEnders (BBC1, 20:00-20:30) They’ve kept it pretty under wraps, but we’ve heard that Patsy Palmer’s back in Albert Square. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone. Bianca makes her triumphant return tonight, and we’re sure you’re all a-flutter at the potential for drama. Of course, is there ever anything else in the Square?

Clowns (BBC2, 21:00-22:00) Whether you find them terrifying or amusing, you’ve got to admit there’s something a bit unusual about people who are clowns for a living. This observational documentary looks at three men who clown professionally, including one who used to catch fare evaders on the Underground. This is sure to be fascinating and full of insights into these interesting men.

Tuesday, 8 April

The Killing of Sally Anne Bowman – A Crimewatch Special (BBC1, 20:35-23:15) If you’ve been following the case of savagely murdered Croydon resident Sally Anne Bowman, you won’t want to miss this documentary, which takes a behind the scenes look at the police investigation and manhunt that led to the arrest of Mark Dixie. Bound to be upsetting, but interesting viewing.

Thursday, 10 April

Who Do You Think You Are? (BBC1, 21:00-22:00) EastEnder’s own Barbara Windsor looks into her ancestors, who appropriately enough, hail from East London. We find these shows kind of addicting – there’s nothing like getting up close and personal with a celeb’s past (distant past, in this case) to get a glimpse of the real person behind the celebrity veneer.

Friday, 11 April

My Family (BBC1, 21:00-21:00 ) We were absolutely shocked to find that this show is back for an eighth series. Yes, the Harper family is back for another series. But if you’re expecting gentle family comedy, you just may be looking in the wrong place. The kids are all grown up now, and rumour has it that the humour is a bit saucier than in previous series. Still, it’s on BBC1, so they probably won’t be going too crazy.

Saturday, 12 April

Pushing Daisies (ITV1, 21:00-22:00) This unusual drama from the States won’t be to everyone’s tastes. It’s a quirky dramedy about a man who can raise people from the dead with a touch. Of course, there’s a twist – they only stay alive until he touches them again. He uses this power for the expected crime solving reasons, until his life is made more complicated with he resurrects an old crush and decides to keep her alive. We’ll mainly be watching this too see how Anna Friel, who plays the resurrected crush, does with her American accent. We hear she’s pretty good.

Sunday, 13 April

Melvyn Bragg’s Travels in Written Britain (ITV1, 22:45-23:45) Bragg takes on London in his literary tour of the UK. He reveals London’s literary heritage (of which there’s an awful lot) as he travels all over our fair city. We love learning new things about London, so we have high hopes for this one.

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