Health Nut: Handpicked Fruit at an Office near You

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Health Nut: Handpicked Fruit at an Office near You

Strange fruit

Here at Londonist we love to indulge in all sorts of devilishly scrumptious treats. However, we know healthy, conscientious eating is the key to a happy life.

Okay office rats. We know you all bring home the bacon and are well aware that many of you really rake in the dough. But, do you pick enough fruit to be a healthy and happy worker? Odds are you don’t and that’s where Fruit for the Office wants to squeeze into your workday by delivering “handpicked fruits to London’s offices and boardrooms, feeding time-starved city workers with fresh and healthy fruit any time of the day and steering them clear of the abundance of bad snacks.” For those office people with the power and budget to consider taking Fruit for the Office up on its offer, a direct correlation between produce and productivity should be noted. FFTO reckons that providing fresh fruit to staff on a daily basis is proven to motivate while increasing memory and job satisfaction, saves on unnecessary runs to the shops, and generally makes people feel warmer and fuzzier about their jobs. Hey big boss (wo)man, is this the fruit flavoured carrot you’ve been seeking to dangle?

Photography courtesy of Simon Crubellier's photostream Flickr.

Last Updated 21 April 2008