Final 10 Mayoral Candidates Announced

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Final 10 Mayoral Candidates Announced

And they’re off! The runners and riders have bolted from their stables and the London mayoral race is now officially underway. Braced to face scabrous attack of their respective transport and environmental policies, and the bleatings of Madonna, betting on the field continues to swing away from Ken to Boris, with the Lib Dems’ Brian Paddick barely out the paddock.

No mere Boris v Ken affair, the full line-up boasts 10 candidates, all contending for victory in the May 1st election. Likely also-ran’s include English Democrats’, Fathers4Justice geez and GQ’s 92nd Most-Powerful-Man-In-Britain, Matt O'Connor; Left-list candidate, Trotskyist and Convenor of the Stop the War Coalition, Lindsey German; and Christian Peoples Alliance and Christian Party (did they mentioned they’re Christians?) representative, ex-Labour man and mosque nimbyist, Alan Craig.

How come there are ten? Why didn’t you enter your mates? Well, in addition to securing 330 signatures – a stretch of anyone’s Facebook – candidates needed to stump up a £10,000 deposit, repayable on a return of 5% of the vote.

The candidates, in alphabetical order:

Richard Barnbrook - British National Party

Gerard Batten - UK Independence Party

Sian Berry - Green Party

Alan Craig - Christian Peoples Alliance and Christian Party

Lindsey German - Left List

Boris Johnson - Conservative Party

Ken Livingstone - Labour Party

Winston McKenzie - Independent

Matt O'Connor - English Democrats

Brian Paddick - Liberal Democrats

By Noel Titheradge

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Last Updated 01 April 2008