Direct Hit Scored On Gorgeous George

Dean Nicholas
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Direct Hit Scored On Gorgeous George
George Galloway

Eagle-eyed Londoners may have spotted an open-topped "battle bus" doing the rounds recently, Aretha Franklin's "Respect" blaring out and a hirsute gentleman, familiar to reality TV fans and US Congressmen alike, bopping away atop it with a megaphone and a cheeky smile.

Yes, it's is none other than George Galloway and his Respect chums on maneuvers. Despite an acrimonious row between Galloway and the pro-SWP goons last year over control of the party (prompting the Borgesian adage, like two bald men fighting over a comb), Respect limps on, and indeed George is running as a London Assembly candidate in next week's election.

Somebody wasn't too impressed by the Bethnal Green & Bow MP's campaign though: Galloway was left "dazed" yesterday as he was pinged on the head by a rubber ball while campaigning in Holborn.

The principled anti-war campaigner / Saddam chum / cat impersonator (take your pick) was stunned by the impact of the object and lost his balance, cracking his skull on the side of the bus. Fear not, though - despite a "nasty bruise" on his temple, Galloway has vowed to carry on his campaigning.

An office worker was arrested by police on suspicion of being the ball-thrower; whether he was a drink-soaked former Trotskyist popinjay, or just a regular rube who'd scored a direct hit on George's ample forehead, is not known at this time - however, Christopher Hitchens is not returning our calls.

Image courtesy of SouthbankSteve's Flickrstream

Last Updated 23 April 2008