Clubwatch: NoOneDied

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Clubwatch: NoOneDied
No One Died

We love it when great club nights not funded by some huge company come along. DIY night NoOneDied has been pumping it up at The Enterprise in Chalk Farm for over a year and given they even managed to survive the fire, we thought it was about time to check up on them.

When and why did you set NoOneDied up?

We planned No One Died around Christmas 2006, but the first night wasn't until

March 2007. The four of us had all DJ'd for other places and we wanted a club

where we could play out stuff we didn't get to hear anywhere else, plus pick

the best bands we had seen while DJing at other venues.

Who are your djs? What do you do in the real world?

Two of our DJs play under the non-de-plume of The Camden Slags, a name hoisted on them many years ago at their first gig when they had no name - but found a friend had written "Camden Slags" on the running order. Rumour has it one's a lawyer and the other is a web designer. The other DJs are iRod who is into pharmaceuticals (least said the better) and Mr Marvin who's a artistic tinker/Bookshop Manager.

What type of music do you play?

Between us you get to hear, Northern soul, art-pop, twisted grooves, indie movers, 60's & 70's junk shop pop, some rock 'n roll, a couple of country rockers and glam ravers... really just about anything else that gets people moving that isn't obvious dance music.

What’s The Enterprise like as a venue?

After we've set up it looks lovely. Compact but cosy, filled with balloons at the start of the night, candles deck out the tables ... oh and we draw dead men on the floor.

Tell us one artist who we might not have heard of that you play that we should check out?

The Godwits were pretty amazing when they played our second night, they've promised to come back sometime.

What other club nights do you like going to in London?

Fewer and fewer, which is why we set up our own. But an honourable mention goes to Uptight.

What are your plans for the future?

We're gonna need a bigger venue, but with out loosing the boutique DIY feeling we've already created around our nights.

Favourite 5 tracks to play at the moment?

"Ooh Las Vegas" - Gram Parsons

"Dance Me In" - Sons & Daughters

"Indian Rope Man" - Brian Auger, Julie Driscol & The Trinity..

"Jocko Homo" - Devo

"Great DJ" - The Ting Tings

NoOneDied takes place this Saturday at The Enterprise, Camden. Londonist favourites Molloy play live and the night starts at 8pm.

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