Blair's Fare Scare

Dean Nicholas
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Blair's Fare Scare
Heathrow Express ticket

If you're a highly recognisable global statesman, whose successor's pathetic performance is making the country remember why they fell in love with you in the first place, it can be tempting to think that you're above the laws of the land.

That's the only explanation we can find for the damning news that Tony Blair was apprehended by a ticket inspector as he travelled on the Heathrow Express on Wednesday. Upon asked for a ticket, Blair - whose post-politics portfolio comprises a multi-million pound role as a financial adviser and a nice little earner on the public speaking circuit - was unable to produce one, nor was he carrying sufficient cash to pay the 25 quid fare.

We hate to bring it up, but the Blairs do seem to make a habit of this - Cherie was famously fined £10 in 2000 when she forgot to buy a ticket for a Blackfriars - Luton journey. Why can't these rich folk just pony up and pay their way like us regular jobbers?

So, Tony can expect a stern letter from the Revenue Protection Office and a threat of a court summons, right? Erm, no. One of his accompanying police officers offered to pay the fare, only to be told by the inspector that it "wasn't necessary" and that he could travel "for free". The cheek of it! Showing the same disregard for the railways as he did for the United Nations and the opinion of his countrymen in 2003, Blair was allowed to go on his way without even a ticking off. Maybe it's a special "war criminal" discount - we'll have to wait and see if George W Bush pays the next time he's in town.

Image of Heathrow Express ticket courtesy of sekimura's Flickrstream

Last Updated 24 April 2008


Shame on the conductor, but Tony should have insisted on paying.


I appreciate knowing this and so am not saying that this shouldn't've been reported but to suggest that he or his wife think that they are exempt from fares because they've done it once each in the last 8 years is absurd!!


chigady - a good point indeed, however, unless and until we uncover concrete proof that either of the Blairs have actually paid for a train ticket, we can't help but assume that they enjoy the cheap and easy thrill of fare-dodging.


He pays the price every time he gets into bed with his offensively-faced harpy of a wife.