Bite Size Art Talks And The Lates Season

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Bite Size Art Talks And The Lates Season

There's never enough time in London: never enough time to have a proper lunch during the day, never enough time to play with the kids, never enough time to stop and stare... Or is there? To buck the trend and show you that it is possible to fit in a bit of art appreciation between the end of work and falling asleep on the sofa in front of the 10 o'clock news, there is the Lates season, courtesy of the London Paper and the Mayor of London.

The Lates season across London allows busy-busy-busy Londoners access to the big galleries and museums for an extended period in the evening which we think is a splendid idea. For some of us, it is much easier to drop in to Tate Modern or the National Portrait Gallery for a snatched bit of cultural enjoyment on the way home from the office rather than make a special trip on the weekends, so we pounced on this particular post-work gem when we spotted it. Bite Size Art Talks at the National Gallery are 10 minute talks on particular works of art, completely free and conveniently programmed so you can fit three into an hour and be on your way home before your dinner is fed to the dog.

If the ten minute talks only increase your appetite for the gallery, there is the full programme of Lates events to enjoy - and the bar and cafes are open throughout so if your other appetites are roused, then those can be satisfied too.

There are Bite Size Art Talks scheduled for tomorrow evening at 7pm, 7.20pm and 7.40pm with two further Bite Size Art Talks scheduled for the following two Wednesdays. The 7.40pm ten minute talk about Alison Watt's Phantom is a real draw as Alison Watt is the National Gallery's Associate Artist and will be producing artworks in response to the Old Masters in the collection over two years so you get a bit of contemporary art appreciation thrown in with your learning about the traditional.

Bite Size Art Talks, part of the London-wide Lates season, tomorrow from 7pm at the National Gallery, free. For more information on the full Lates season, go here.

Last Updated 08 April 2008