What's for Lunch? Wick Café

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What's for Lunch? Wick Café

Chilli con Carne at Wick Cafe

Londonist asks that most pressing of daily concerns: where to go on your lunch break.

Wick Café

28 Felstead Street E9 5LT

0208 533 7575

6am-5pm for (Monday-Saturday), 8am-4pm (Sunday)

Expect to Pay: around £5 for amply piled dishes of vintage caff favourites

Rating: 9 out of 10

This tea peddling East London greasy spoon, where the only thing more high viz than the vests of the chowing workers is the specials signage adorning the walls, is an oasis amid Hackney Wick’s industrial desert. Not just the stronghold of builders on break, the Wick pulls an array of artists from their nearby studios (word is that the Chapman Brothers like to dine here) seeking inspiration from a well-made cuppa. Londonist understands the Wick Café’s universal draw. We love the Wick’s chilli con carne for its spicy goodness and massive proportions and appreciate the no nonsense service afforded to all patrons. This is working London at its best with a dab of artistic flare dashed across it for good measure.

Photography by Chris Osburn © 2007

Last Updated 04 March 2008