Skippity Hop, It's National Skipping Day!

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Skippity Hop, It's National Skipping Day!

It's the weekend! Hurray and woo-yay! Skip, hop and jump we say, but above all... skip.

SKIPTheatre are three young ladies with hula hoops, skipping ropes and some killer full-body leotards, bringing joyful retro glee to clubs, festivals and events around London. They can be seen tonight at The Amersham Arms in New Cross, preparing for big day out on Saturday. Saturday is National Skipping Day and to celebrate, you've got to skip.

Put on your trainers and if you are feeling bold, your best lycra outfit, then head over to St James Park tomorrow afternoon. You want the patch opposite the ICA, and should aim to get there for 3pm when, at a signal from the SKIPTheatre girls, everyone should start skipping. Skipping ropes will be provided (by Diesel, no less) and encouragement, inspiration and general good vibes will be made available by the dozens of other people breathlessly hopping about, trying not to get too tangled between jumps.

So if you're the type to prioritise a trip to the gym on weekends, perhaps you should take your gym gear to the park instead. Skipping is healthy, it's exercise, you get a free skipping rope from Diesel and you get to see the lovely girls of SKIPTheatre do their crazy stuff with ropes and hula hoops in leotards.

Turn up, it's free, it's a flashmob sort of event. The nature of these things seem to be huddles of slightly sheepish people hanging around for a short while then, as if by magic, they are all transformed into grinning, skipping, hopping, jumping kids. Kudos and good karma to you if you can skip to the full length of Song 4 Mutya and keep in time til the end.

National Skipping Day, tomorrow, St James Park opposite the ICA, 3pm. Free. For more information, go to the SKIPTheatre website here. Be prepared to skip!

Image courtesy of cakehole from the Londonist Flickr pool

Last Updated 14 March 2008