Shoreditch Bridge Settled In

By Amanda Last edited 119 months ago
Shoreditch Bridge Settled In

Evidence was presented this weekend that the East London Line hasn't been forgotten when the promised works manifested themselves in the form of a really big crane hoisting in a really big bridge over Shoreditch. The 35m bow-string bridge (the same design as in Haggerston) was nestled into place over Shoreditch High Street early morning Saturday. The bridge is the first big step in getting the East London Line linked up to the Overground and accessing the rest of East London, which will of course make things a bit more pleasant for getting out to the Olympics site. As of this writing, the bridge had yet to be painted 'Papyrus white,' as TfL promises it will be, but then again we've got until 2010 before we'll see it in action.

Photo by Diamond Geezer

Last Updated 31 March 2008


I pass here every work day, and this morning cycled right underneath it and didn't spot it! Probably because of the bus right up my a*$e and me looking mainly backwards. Still was slightly surprised later on when I spotted it when walking ...