Review: The Good Food Guide London

By tikichris Last edited 130 months ago
Review: The Good Food Guide London

Good Food Guide

A not-so-subtle hint in our recent post about The Good Food Guide publishing a London edition 40 years after putting out their last London guide led to an actual hardcopy of the book appearing at Londonist Central HQ a few days later. Appreciative of such concrete feedback, we took some time to peruse the guide and to consider our thoughts about it before ultimately coming to the conclusion that it’s a pretty good resource to consider.

We like the book’s tone. For example, referring to Flâneur as “almost a foodie theme park” reads well and, in our opinion, accurately. The guide isn’t as eponymous as, say, the Time Out Eating & Drinking Guide or Zagat’s. But in a way, this pared down “best of the best” is handier: why leaf through pages of questionable options when a selection of London’s best is available?

For the most part, we agree with their choices and find their Top 40 list as good as any (but to be honest, we’ve only been to a few on that list). Of course, we can’t say we approve of every inclusion or omission. How can they list Viet Grill as Best Budget Restaurant but fail even to mention Viet Hoa? Shocking (or are we just being nitpicky?).

Hardly a bible of London’s dining scene, The Good Food Guide London is a welcome addition to our bookshelf and a fine item to keep in mind next time you want to try a new restaurant.

Last Updated 28 March 2008