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Londonist Stays In

You’re right. Easter is early this year. And yes, like you, we can’t wait for the Bank Holiday weekend. Is there anything nicer than a four day weekend? You’ll probably want to rest up this week to prepare for the madness of the weekend, so here are a few things you can relax with.

On TV, Londonist likes:

Tuesday, 18 March

One Life: Rock Star Parents (BBC1, 20:35-23:15) We find the title of this programme a bit confusing as it’s actually about the parents of rock stars, not rock stars who are also parents, but it still looks enjoyable. We always enjoy parents of celebs talking about the fact that they might have somehow turned their children into fame-hungry monsters. The programme features the parents of Londonist fave Amy Winehouse along with Courtney Love’s dad, Suggs’ mum and Anthony Keidis’s father.

Wednesday, 19 March

Relocation, Relocation (Channel 4, 20:00-21:00) Ah, Kirstie and Phil. Who doesn’t love them? In this episode, they help a family of five find a place big enough for all of them, as well as an investment flat in London. We predict that they will be shocked to learn this secret, little known property fact: London is expensive.

Project Catwalk (Sky One, 21:00-22:00) If you haven’t been watching this series, you’re just in time to tune in for the finale. The final three (Canadians Chelsey and Jasper, and housewife Viv) take their collections to London Fashion Week, and the winner will be selected. This series has been surprisingly engaging, and we found ourselves getting a bit misty as the judges all were in tears after voting Ross and Katy out last week. We’re quite invested in the finale, but can’t decide who we want to win. We like them all.

Britney: Speared By The Paps (Sky One, 22:00-23:00) We really just like this programme for its title. We appreciate a good pun.

Friday, 21 March

Dirty Sexy Money (Channel 4, 21:00-22:00) What better show to premiere on Good Friday than an American series about the shocking secrets of a filthy rich New York family? This series looks like good trashy fun, and we can never resist that. And for your London connection, star Donald Sutherland studied at LAMDA in the Fifties, so he’s practically a Londoner.

Saturday, 22 March

Shroud of Turin: Material Evidence (BBC2, 20:30-21:30) Turns out Easter actually has a religious connotation, and there are a few programmes on to remind you of that. This year is the 20th anniversary of the Shroud of Turin being called out as a forgery, and this programme aims to figure out why the Shroud is so enduringly intriguing and looks into some new evidence which may mean the verdict deeming it fake may be wrong.

Sunday, 23 March

The Secrets of the Twelve Disciples (Channel 4, 17:45-19:45) In the questioning established beliefs vein, Dr Robert Theckford travels the world to investigate the Twelve Disciples. He examines the stories behind the key disciples and looks at the prospect that there were many more than the famous twelve. We’re always interested in programmes that examine widely held beliefs, and this looks like it’ll be very interesting.

The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency (BBC1, 21:00-22:45) Writer Richard Curtis and director Anthony Minghella take on the massively popular series of novels and adapt the first of the series for telly. An adaptation of a widely loved book is always risky, as there are so many things that can go wrong, and we’re not sure if Richard “Rom Com” Curtis was the right way to go with this, but it’s sure to get killer viewing figures. This special is the pilot for the 13 part series, and we really hope they don’t screw it up.

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