Anti-Social Pensioner Finally ASBO'd

Dean Nicholas
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Anti-Social Pensioner Finally ASBO'd
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It's not just the hooded-up and combat-fatigued "yoof" who are responsible for anti-social behaviour. Southall resident Catharine Roberts, 71, has had an ASBO confirmed by Isleworth Crown Court.

Ms. Roberts is now banned from causing "harassment, alarm or distress" to anybody within the M25. And what harassment! The saturnine septuagenarian has racked up a string of griefs that a sulking teen a fraction her age could barely hope to beat.

Beginning in the spring of 1991, Ms. Roberts subjected her neighbours and local tradespeople and shopkeepers to tirades of racist abuse. Apparently driven by a festering anti-white and anti-Asian bigotry, she would upset produce from a neighbourhood shop into the street, hurl objects at parked cars, flytip nearby gardens, and abuse contracted workers sent to repair the damage she caused. Having made murderous threats during private interviews with housing offices, the nadir came in 1994 when she threatened a five-year old child with an iron bar.

Despite this history of violent and brazenly aggressive conduct toward anybody who stood in her way, it has taken a decade and a half for the authorities to actually do something, in the form of the aforementioned ASBO. Oh, there is also a paltry bill of £1,700 costs to pay, which really isn't much for making the lives of those unfortunate enough to live near her a misery for years.

If the ASBO is breached, Ms. Roberts could face up to five years in jail - which, given her stunning legacy of lawlessness, you'd bet on happening sooner or later.

Picture of 15th century ASBO from Victius' Flickrstream

Last Updated 03 March 2008