Weekend Round-Up

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Weekend Round-Up

This is what we have learned in between defrosting our typing fingers this weekend:

  • The Met apparently wants more lady bikers. They claim macho stereotyping is putting the girls off: why don’t they realise that an endless run of bad hair days is just not that appealing.
  • Ray ‘Sexy Beast’ Winstone is in the running for a remake of the Sweeney. Cor blimey guv.
  • Residents of a block of flats in Lewisham have been evacuated as its collapse is apparently imminent. Now that’s scary.
  • Whilst one rapist gets away (watch out for a John Malkovich lookalike), it looks as if another has been apprehended. This on the weekend that the justice system is put on trial for failing rape victims.
  • And in this weekend’s knife crime round-up: 3 policemen received minor injuries when someone decided he didn’t want to be arrested, and in a more serious incident, a crash victim was fatally stabbed for good measure.
  • Here’s what we think we’ll see in the coming week:

  • The mayor acting more and more crankily;
  • Macca and Mucca acting more and more secretively;
  • That Londonist still doesn’t like fashion. Much.
  • Have a safe week.

    Sunday afternoon at the bandstand courtesy of ElPablo!'s flickr photo stream.


    Last Updated 17 February 2008