The Saturday Strangeness

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The Saturday Strangeness
Alien head

41. London UFOs Part Seven

By the mid to late ‘80s reports of alien abductions were spreading like wildfire across the world, and it appeared as though the abductors had taken on their latest, slimlined form – that being of large headed, bug-eyed and slender extraterrestrials keen on paralysing witnesses and performing varying surgical procedures on them, from impregnation to the insertion of strange microchips. However, some encounters also involved other entities that harkened back to the 1950s when B-movie type spectres were roaming our bedrooms.

In 1986 in London during one October night, a male witness was awoken by small beings that were blue in colour and had the ability to flit through walls. The bizarre humanoids wore gowns like that of a surgeon and performed several sinister operations on the victim by way of extracting blood from his index finger and also touching him with a rod that had a glass ball at the end, which caused him so much pain that he passed out. When he awoke there was no sign of the intruders.

On October 6th 1986, also in the capital, a woman dying of cancer was visited by short, grey humanoids wearing strange helmets who lifted her up onto the ceiling. Four years previously in Wembley, a Lorraine Parry was walking through the neighbourhood one evening when suddenly she entered some surreal time slip and the surroundings altered dramatically into a desert-like terrain. Then, around her appeared a lake and a weird craft whizzed through the sky – its metallic surface glinting. Peculiar figures from inside were gazing out from the windows and pointing at her excitedly.

Admittedly, such cases simply appeared as modern versions of the classic hag-like nightmare where vampire-like entities invade the room and hours of slumber to drain from the body. Personally, I’ve never believed that such beings have infiltrated our mind space. Instead, I consider such cases to be a complex connection to the human psyche.

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