Straight Outta Lambeth

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Straight Outta Lambeth

A quarter of all 'youth gangs' reside in Lambeth. Now there's a statistic to make the Borough's residents sleep easy at night. According to Auntie, an unpublished report has linked 40 gangs to the area, one with over 2,500 members. That's not a gang, that's a Union.

With increasingly more depressing reports coming through every day on the nature of gang / youth violence, and increasingly more hysterical attempts to find a London shaped sticking plaster for it; we truly hope that Counsellor Lorna Campbell's comments that:

This report and this summit is about getting to the heart of those problems and finding real solutions

really do lead to someone genuinely looking at the heart of those problems, and genuinely finding real solutions. Y'know, all that difficult stuff like education, health, environment, standards of living, costs of living, hope, jobs, security, respect for authority (and that is a tough one), respect for each other, extreme disparities of wealth etc etc etc etc etc etc....

Is this really rocket science, because we're beginning to look to King Herod, Torquemada and Judge Dredd for inspiration.

One of the gangs highlighted in the report responded by saying that:

A couple of years ago, we were on 'active street duties', but that's outdated now.

We've been to prison, come out, we're grown up now. We're official businessmen now. We don't take part in any criminal activity.Shit, we've just figured it out, they're all working for the government.

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Last Updated 14 February 2008


The stuff about these guys being businessmen is total bravado. These are just kids playing a hip hop inspired game of dungeons and dragons. They're just role playing, yes they do get violent, yes they do kill and hurt people, but it really is as sad as the greasy haired model painters in GamesWorkshop. It is fantasy pure and simple. They beeb should not be validating their game with column inches.

(I live in S.E. London)

Londonist Mark

I'm not so sure about your comparison with the D&D kids, but I do agree that the gang comment is a crock of shit. If the situation wasn't so fucked up, it'd be the funniest thing I've read today aside from Bush's interview with the BBC