No Pole to Slide Down to Get to This Fire

By KizzieFK Last edited 132 months ago
No Pole to Slide Down to Get to This Fire

Though we like to think of our firefighters as bulwarks of safety and sensibility, they burn down their kitchens sometimes, too. Saturday, while the Rickmansworth firefighters were off teaching fire safety lessons in South Oxley, a fire started in their dishwasher. Oh, the irony.

We didn't even know dishwashers could catch on fire — wouldn't a fire be more appropriate for an oven or a stove? — but two firefighters were able to put out the blaze, saving their station but not their cups and saucers. Maybe they can start a "take a firefighter to dinner" day, or just do like the rest of us with biohazard kitchens and get takeaway.

Image courtesy of craig1black's Flickrstream

Last Updated 18 February 2008