Ever Wanted To Be A Bow Street Runner?

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Ever Wanted To Be A Bow Street Runner?

It's a lovely Saturday afternoon, but if you're sitting in front of your computer, wondering what to do with your day, never fear! Londonist is here, and we've found a most entertaining online game for you. Channel 4 has created Bow Street Runner, a game to accompany the City of Vice series, and it's almost as fun as the programme.

As with any online game, your experience is going to be limited by the speed of your broadband connection, and it took us ages and ages to get the game started, but once it finally loaded, it pretty much made the wait worthwhile.

Just the preview game is up now, but there are five episodes to follow. We liked the preview game, although we were unable to save the harlot in time. We felt quite bad about this, but we're sure we can get her stitched up quickly enough next time.

The game takes you throughout London in 1750, and puts you in the shoes of a Bow Street Runner trying to solve a series of murders in Covent Garden. You run about collecting evidence and interrogating suspects and witnesses, who are all very rude to you and have very bad teeth. So, it's likely to be quite historically accurate.

We really like the idea of games to support television series. We'd very much enjoy playing the Skins game, or the Alan Carr Celebrity Ding Dong Show game. And we appreciate that the game has the ability to turn off the sound and use subtitles only, so it's ideal for a sneaky play in the middle of your work day. Thanks for that, Channel 4.

Bow Street Runner can be found at Channel 4's City of Vice microsite.

Last Updated 23 February 2008