Baby You’re A Rich Man…

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Baby You’re A Rich Man…

Londonist doesn’t get the property-with-a-history thing. OK, we sure wouldn’t have wanted to live at 39, Hilldrop Crescent, and Apsley House might have a certain cachet were it to appear on the market. But buying a property because x, y, or z once picked flowers/their nose/best selling records there just seems daft to us.

Not to the current owner of a 2-bed top floor flat in Mayfair: the Beatles once kipped there for a couple of months, and he’s now got his property on the market at a whopping £1.75 million (which is a lot more than all of Londonist together, working a hard day’s night, eight days a week, can afford). The thought of hordes of Japanese tourists (led by this man) morning, noon and night does not please, please us.

Funny thing, Beatlemania. Of course two of the lads are now playing the great Cavern in the Sky, but in the week that sees Macca mucca-spreading on the long and winding road to the divorce courts, and Ringo perhaps regretting the things he said today about Liverpool, we can’t work it out.

Fab Four Foto borrowed from tunnel’s flickr stream.

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