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The Mayoral race has been quiet recently. Londonist suspects that it is the calm before the shitstorm. According to a recent poll, Boris is only one point behind Ken.

A sign that campaigning is going to start making a dent on the Winehouse news in the London Lite is that Boris, from the blue corner, has launched a new Back Boris website.

The photo gallery shows us that recently the campaign trail has taken him to Borough where by the looks of it he drove a Routemaster, spoke to a man in a baseball cap, fly tipped a fridge, was arrested and was put in prison.

There are also some pretty zippy videos with trance music in the background and a chance to join the 3875 people who have already joined 'Team Boris'. We also like the environment section, which begins with,

What could be more uplifting than a walk through Hampstead Heath on an autumn afternoon, or a picnic in St James's Park in full summer bloom?

Perhaps this is the beginning of a new environmental slogan of genius - "Global warming will spoil your nice days out!"

Say what you like about Boris, but Ken doesn't give tips on jam making.

In other politics news, according to Nick Robinson, Gordon Brown is meeting David Beckham today. Apparently "the PM said he had no specific plans for Beckham". Surely this is taking 'government of all the talents' a little bit too far? We didn't think "all the talents" included taking free kicks.

Last Updated 08 January 2008