Weekend Round-Up

By SallyB2 Last edited 130 months ago
Weekend Round-Up

This is what we have learned whilst you have been browsing through holiday brochures this weekend:

  • A pub in Tottenham with a really bad record for trouble is to be shut down. Londonist can think of a few more that should be…
  • A gang fight at a greengrocers has left one man stabbed to death.
  • A met. policeman accused of killing his wife has been found dead. As has his former mother-in-law.
  • People have had their Christmas pets for a whole three weeks now…so it’s time to dump them already. Sick fucks.
  • The RAT cometh.
  • And in really serious news:

  • Amy seems to be putting it around.
  • As does Doherty the Dog – he’s got a new model.
  • And Girls Aloud are afraid. (They've just seen the St. Trinians video?)
  • And this is what we think we’ll be seeing in the coming week:

  • The Mayoral debate turning nasty.
  • The new Big Brother malarkey turning out to be a nowt but a bad joke.
  • Beckham being anointed Minister for Football.
  • The government ‘losing’ records in the post pertaining to all ministerial donations, ever.
  • Reflected photo courtesy of DG Jones' flickr stream.

    Last Updated 13 January 2008