Wagamama, Alan Yau! That’s a lot of Dim Sum!

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Wagamama, Alan Yau! That’s a lot of Dim Sum!

The Financial Times has reported that Wagamama founder Alan Yau has sold Hakkasan and Yauatcha, his two Michelin-starred Chinese restaurants, to the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority for £30 million! According to the FT, Yau will retain a minority stake in the two restaurants, which seem to take turns representing London among the world’s most highly ranked restaurants.

Londonist wishes to congratulate Yau on his mega-success (you lucky duck!) and hopes that (although Hakkasan and Yauatcha will never be affordable) these two dining phenoms will continue to produce exciting and quality dishes for many years to come.

Photography courtesy of the seikatsu's photostream on Flickr.

Last Updated 10 January 2008


What on earth was the purpose of this article? Angling for a freebie?


Just passing on some news about two of London's most high profile restaurants. The fact that 2 Chinese restaurants just sold for £30mil is pretty newsworthy stuff.

Angling for a freebie? We wouldn't pass one up. However, I'm pretty sure Hakkasan and Yauatcha are doing just fine without any plugs from Londonist.


There's something about overpriced London restaurants that really annoys people. But Hakkasan isn't as pricey as people think - two people can eat there for under £100.

It's the one posh nosh place in London that's realy worth the money. You can tell just how well everything is cooked and how good the food is. You're not just paying for wanky decor.


I must agree with the comment above and say that Yauatcha also has pretty fantastic food, but annoying portions. The quality of the ingredients is top notch and if one stays away from the alcohol, then the bill won't be so bad. What I don't like about Yauatcha is that their dim sum is served in portions of 3! This makes it difficult to share when out with a party of 4, unless one buys 2 orders of the same dish, which then markedly increases the cost of dinner. But, the food is delicious.


I agree that, although extremely pricey, Hakkasan and Yauatcha are good value for money. Staying away from the drinky drinks will make the bill more affordable-ish but that's so hard because Yauatcha's cocktails are yummy. I also agree that being able to get portions of four at Yauatcha would might dining there significantly more ideal.