Phil Corbett's Erotic Terrors of the Deep

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Phil Corbett's Erotic Terrors of the Deep

Artist Phil Corbett's 'Erotic Terrors of the Deep' opens next week at Brick Lane's Bodhi Gallery. Yes, get excited but not in that kind of way. According to Phil, "the show isn't really that erotic, I was just being provocative to get people in, because, as we all know, sex sells." The exhibition will document "the extremely sexy denizens of the deep that live out their naughty lives deep under the sea, away from human eyes." Expect cartoonishly cute, and slightly suggestive, funny animal artwork with dark undertones and gaudy colours. Fun.

Erotic Terrors of the Deep: Paintings and Prints from the Brain of Phil Corbett, 25-30 January 2008 at Bodhi Gallery, 214 Brick Lane. Visit for more info.

Last Updated 17 January 2008