Bye Bye Turnmills

By Talia Last edited 130 months ago
Bye Bye Turnmills

It's finally been announced that Clerkenwell club Turnmills will be closing down in March after the landlord confirmed plans to redevlop the site. The club's lease on the venue is nearly up and a mutual agreement has led to the venue wanting to end on a high.

This deals a bit of a blow to London's danceland who also recently suffered the closure of The Key, The Cross and Canvas as part of the Kings Cross Redevelopment project. However, we have to admit we're not really that bothered about Turnmills going.

While cool things being turned into flats or the like isn't really the nicest thing in the world, the few times we've been to Turnmills it's not really felt like part of the London experience we love. Our personal experiences have seen over forceful bouncers shining lights in the eyes of anyone who liked to dance extravagantly, telling clubbers to keep their 'eyes to the front' (!) upon entry, bizarre signs inside informing us that anyone who 'changes their clothes' within a certain distance of the club will be removed (is this a regular problem) and altogether a not amazing clientèle. While musically it might have some great bookings, we think it could do with a fresh start.

A massive final party is planned for Easter Weekend, but The Gallery and Together nights are set to continue in new venues.

Photo by Diamond Geezer.

Last Updated 25 January 2008