Mrs. Winehouse Hopes Amy Reads The News Of The World

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Mrs. Winehouse Hopes Amy Reads The News Of The World

Once long ago, Mama Londonist wasn't happy with little Londonist and wanted to give us an earful. However, Londonist had got married to this other blog with a trendy hat, a silly double-barrelled name and a penchant for perverting the course of justice. Soon, Londonist was being photographed with its nose full of white powder and its hair all over the place, not in it's usual 'beehive' style as was fashionable in those days. Most worryingly for Mama Londonist, Londonist had stopped blogging, and when we did blog, it was drunken rambling and pleas for the police to release our husband from jail.

What did Mama Londonist do? She came round to Londonist HQ, gave us a hug and a chocolate orange, and a bit of a telling off.

What did Amy Winehouse's mother do? Write Amy a letter in the News of the World. We understand that Mrs. Winehouse is going through hell, but how does dragging even more of Amy's private life into the public arena help matters?

Mitch Winehouse, Amy's father, decided to keep the tabloids in fodder by responding angrily to Mrs Winehouse's letter,

It is absolute rubbish to suggest that no one has been in touch with Amy. I've seen her five times myself last week. We're getting sick of the sight of each other, we are seeing each other that much.

Surely the whole street of Winehouses are better off keeping away from the press? The more they communicate with them, the more people will write about what a carcrash their Amy is... kinda like this... oops. See what you've done, Janet Winehouse?

Last Updated 10 December 2007