Monday Miscellanea

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Last Updated 10 December 2007

Monday Miscellanea
Smoke from Buncefield oil fire over Tower Bridge

This Week In London’s History

  • Monday10th December 1907: Anti-vivisectionists march through central London to protest at the dissection of a brown terrier dog several years earlier. The ‘anti-doggers’ clash with police at Trafalgar Square, in what would become known as the Brown Dog Riots.
  • Tuesday11th December 2005: Much of London is covered by a vast plume of smoke, following a series of massive explosions at Buncefield Oil Depot in Hertfordshire. Wednesday12th December 1988: Three commuter trains collide near Clapham Junction in south west London. 35 people are killed, and more than 100 injured. Thursday13th December 1995: Riots break out in Brixton, following a protest over the death of a 26 year old man whilst in police custody. Friday14th December 1836: Tooley Street Station is opened as the London terminus of the London and Greenwich Railway. It would later be joined by other lines, and would be renamed London Bridge Station.

    Random London Fact Of The Week

    London Bridge (the actual bridge this time, not the station) has been hugely important to London for as long as there has been a bridge on that site, which is pretty much as long as London has existed – the Romans built a wooden bridge in that area in AD 60 (or thereabouts).

    Over the years, the bridge has fallen down (or been torn down, or burned down, etc.) many times, but it has always been rebuilt. In 1097, following one of many episodes of damage to the bridge, William Rufus (son of William the Conqueror) raised a tax for the specific purpose of repairing it. Over time, the trust that was set up to manage the repair funds became established as a charity, now known as the City Bridge Trust. For centuries legacies would be left to this trust, often with the words “to God and the bridge”.

    London’s Weather This Week

    By all accounts, winter will finally set in this week, with temperatures dropping. Thick coats and woolly hats will be required.

    Picture of the smoke from the Buncefield fire over Tower Bridge taken from edvvc’s Flickr photostream.