London Climate Change Rally

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London Climate Change Rally

You may have noticed the streets were very crowded in central London on Saturday but this wasn't a pre-emptive swipe at the shops for early Christmas shopping - it was London's participation in a global rally on climate change.

Coinciding with the climate change summit in Bali, there were demonstrations, marches and general activity around the world to put pressure on governments to prioritise climate change measures. Targets for lowering greenhouse emissions as set in the Kyoto Protocol are due to end in 2012, and the summit in Bali is for setting out what next.

Up to 10,000 people marched in London to support this environmental endeavour, delivering a letter to the prime minister urging greater focus and importance on creating a low-carbon future and improving climate change law. Action was also seen in Glasgow, Cardiff and Belfast so there was plenty of noise from our corner of the world - let's hope it makes a difference.

Many thanks to regular Londonist photographer Orhan* for the image above and his fantastic set of photos of the day, the whole lot can be found here.

Last Updated 10 December 2007