Restart The Clocks!

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Restart The Clocks!

The Stopped Clocks campaign aims to document all the stopped clocks in the UK and then do something about it.

Explaining why he began to campaign, the webmaster Alfie writes,

I once took a walk around a square mile in central London, I found 11 stopped clocks, either Municipal clocks, church clocks or otherwise public clocks. After poking about and doing some research, I discovered that it really does not cost much to fix a clock, as there is a tendency within clock repair to replace very old clock mechanisms with a mix of digital and analogue mechanisms. For an average of £1,000, each of the clocks that I found could be repaired.

£1000 seems a bit steep to us. Especially, as Alfie admits, "Nowadays, with digital watches and mobile phones being the norm, the function of these clocks has disappeared.". We're happy as long as the clock at Greenwich Observatory doesn't stop - if that happens, time itself stops, the earth ceases to turn, the very fabric of the time-space continuum begins to fray, and no one knows what time Newsnight is on. Here at Londonist HQ we haven't even sorted out the clocks regarding last week's 'extra hour' debacle.

Last Updated 05 November 2007