Reclaim The Night This Saturday

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Reclaim The Night This Saturday

There have been many suggestions for women's safety at night: travel in groups, don't get minicabs, always walk facing traffic, carry a rape alarm, make sure you're home before it gets dark and stay indoors until daylight. All really helpful - for putting sexual equality back to the dark ages (so to speak). Women should be able to be out and about at night without fear of being attacked, raped or sexually harrassed which is sadly still not something we can take for granted. For the women and men who want this basic right of feeling safe and confident after dark to become the norm, it is time to Reclaim the Night this Saturday.

Reclaim the Night has been an annual march against male violence towards women since 1977 and last year over 1,200 women took to the streets of London to walk with the confidence and the sense of security that is so desperately lacking all other nights of the year. The high number of women demonstrating has a direct correlation to the high number of women who are attacked, raped or sexually harrassed each year and how seriously this number affects the confidence and fundamental rights of living a full and fearless life. The march starts at Trafalgar Square and continues to University of London Union for a rally and a party.

Join the march and walk like you own the streets: you do, you just have to reclaim it.

Reclaim the Night, Saturday 24 November, meet at Trafalgar Square, 6pm. Please note: the march is for women only, the rally and party at University of London Union is for men and women. For more information, go to the Reclaim the Night website here.

Last Updated 21 November 2007