Google Map Mystery Solved In Londonist Flickr Group

By Londonist_ben Last edited 135 months ago
Google Map Mystery Solved In Londonist Flickr Group

Over on our flickr group there has been some interesting discussion about Google Maps. It's web 2.0 crazy.

Simon Crubellier began the thread ('Google Maps Strangeness') with,

Has anyone looked at the satellite photo of Trafalgar Square lately? What on earth is going on there? It's obviously the crack of dawn on a summer morning, all the surrounding streets are empty, but the place is packed...

The images of London were last updated on 3rd October 2006 and it turns out that the image of Trafalgar Square is from January 29th 2006 - the crowds of people were celebrating the beginning of the Chinese year of the dog as you can see here. Case solved.

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Last Updated 09 November 2007