Londonist Stays In

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Londonist Stays In

Isn’t it too early for winter? You’ll risk hypothermia if you’re outside this week, so stay in and watch the telly. Isn’t that really the best option?

On TV, Londonist likes:

Tuesday, 20 November & Wednesday, 21 November

The Eight Hundred Million Pound Railway Station (BBC2, 22:00-22:30) The next two parts of this series on the brand spanking new St. Pancras station look at the race to finish the station on time. Apparently, the engineers incurred a £50K penalty from their bonuses for every day they overran. One really has to wonder how big those bonuses were to start with.

Thursday, 22 November

How London Was Built (ITV2, 19:30-20:00) For the architecture nuts out there, in this programme you can learn how to build a wall using wattle and daub. We’re not entirely sure what those words mean, but it does sound educational and very possibly interesting. You can also see London’s first brick house, which is bound to be plenty old.

Friday, 23 November

Ugly Betty (Channel 4, 21:00-22:00) This is a very topical airing of this hugely promoted episode of Ugly Betty – the week after the Spice Girls appeared on Children In Need and in the excitement leading up to their tour, Posh appears on Ugly Betty as herself. How’s that for good timing? We’re sure it’s entirely coincidental, and not at all a clever and contrived promotional event.

Saturday, 24 November

White Diamond: A Personal Portrait of Kylie Minogue (Channel 4, 20:00-22:15) Two hours and fifteen minutes of Kylie should be enough to satisfy even the most ardent Kylie fan. Filmed over the course of a year, this documentary charts Kylie’s recovery from cancer to her Showgirl tour, which came to London in January of this year.

On the radio, Londonist likes:

5live Report: Olympic Promises (BBC Radio Online) We may have missed telling you about this last week, but thanks to the magic of the internet, you can listen to it whenever you please! Barbara Collins investigates whether or not the East End will really benefit from all the investment in the Olympics.

Online, Londonist likes:

Sausage & Bread - What’s not to love about a blog that tells you everything you need to know about where to buy sausages and bread in all their various forms around London? Their most recent post laments the move of the production HP Sauce to Holland and suggests a good British alternative. We’re always a fan of a quirky blog that’s informative and funny, so this one is aces with us.

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