London In A Glass

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Last Updated 04 November 2007

London In A Glass

Despite our hard-partying populace, London has produced only a few drinks named after it. Beer drinkers have London Pride of course, but those that fancy a cocktail – who are usually lovers of choice, after all – are limited to the London (gin and maraschino liqueur), the London Fog (gin and Pernod) and the Mayfair (an upscale version of the gin and orange juice so beloved of Snoop Dogg). That’s a pretty paltry selection, and heaven help you if you don’t like gin. There have been some admirable attempts to improve the situation, like this effort by Apartment 195 in Chelsea, but their drinks commemorating icons like Jack the Ripper and Trafalgar Square feel just a bit touristy. Where are the cocktails that really capture what it’s like to live in our beautiful, bonkers city? We’ve got a few to suggest.

Here are some cocktail recipes that get into the bloodstream and right to the heart of London. But, readers, this is only a beginning. Help the boozehounds of the capital with your own recipes in the comment box. We'll assume, obviously, that all gin is London gin.

The Red Ken

50ml vodka

20ml sweet red vermouth

tabasco for spice – to taste, then slightly more

stirred over ice, strained and served in a bendy bus.

The Boris

50ml blue Curaçao

200ml champagne

served in a tall glass, with a quail’s egg broken over the top.

The Night Bus

250ml red wine

50ml golden tequila

1 can red bull

dash of lager

sprinkling of fag ash

garnished with chilli sauce and shredded lettuce and served in a mug, with a bucket nearby.

The Soho Last Orders

90ml gin

10ml tonic

hint of bitters

served on the rocks and drained swiftly.

The Primrose Hill

50ml home-made sloe gin from an exclusive farmers' market in Stowe

200ml imported lightly carbonated springwater from the Himalayas

two drops of homeopathic bergamot oil

dash of Ayurvedic aloe vera oil

thin shavings of organic Korean ginseng

garnished with organic redcurrant from an allotment collective in Kent

The Camden Town

50ml absinthe

200ml cider and blackcurrent

served in a ridiculously skinny glass and garnished with wolfsbane and an eyeliner pencil.

Image taken from Red Label's Flickr photostream.