Ken Brings Back Ideas From India

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Ken Brings Back Ideas From India

Don't worry. We're not going to have to cling to the sides of trains. Yet.

Ken's been to Delhi, where he picked up some ideas about being cool on the streets. Unfortunately it's cool on the streets in a temperature related way rather than cool on the streets in a Fresh Prince of Bel Air way.

Addressing an environmental conference, Ken said,

We’re heading for some tremendously hot summers, people will start dying in their thousands if we don’t start planting trees to cool the streets.

You heard the man! Plant them, plant them!


We currently have five million trees. If Ken gets his way, we will soon have a mighty six million. We are going to be seriously cool customers. In Delhi, "green cover" has increased by more than 14 times since the introduction of a tree-planting campaign in 1998 and the people there are as cool as cucumbers.

Last Updated 21 November 2007