Jude Law Is Just Like Me And You

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 133 months ago
Jude Law Is Just Like Me And You

Oh, that Jude Law! Grown women swoon and keel over at the mere mention of his name. Men grind their teeth and glower with untrammeled jealousy when glimpsing his visage on a magazine cover or film poster. Such is his star quality. Those brooding yet boyish eyes. That elegantly receding hairline. He really is quite something.

While he's a big Hollywood movie star these days, Our Jude does love to hang out in his hometown, and he fetched up in London this weekend to promote his new film Sleuth. Clearly the heavenly powers weren't warned, because a diluvian downpour greeted fans as they lined up in Leicester Square. How did our hero react? Did he flee back to the clement climate of California, mewling about the rotten weather in Blighty? No, being the trooper that he is, Jude "braved" the heavy rains to greet fans, "wowing" the crowd with a new haircut to boot.

Is that what it takes to impress people these days? A grade 3 buzzcut and the ability to mingle briefly with the great unwashed before being ushered into a nice warm movie theatre? Time was when fans wanted their silver screen heroes to actually, you know, perform heroics in real life. Shuffling about in your hush puppies through the wet London winter doesn't really cut it, Jude.

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Last Updated 19 November 2007