Jackpot: Be A Winner At Tate Britain

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Jackpot: Be A Winner At Tate Britain

We nearly always mention the monthly Late at Tate Friday nights because each month the events, ideas and people involved are more weird and wonderful than the last. It's all about winning this month in Late at Tate Britain: Jackpot.

Winning and prize-giving is consuming the various Tate Galleries as the annual Turner Prize exhibition of shortlisted artists is relocated to Tate Liverpool. In Tate Britain, there's the Turner Prize: A Retrospective exhibition instead and for tomorrow night's Late at Tate, a medley of artists will explore the highs and lows of winning in an evening of unusual, competitive things.

Everyone wins free beer in Danish art collective Superflex's Free Beer Games. Fair enough. Team Mega Mix are DJs spinning tracks that look back on 25 years of the Turner Prize, which sounds almost as intriguing as their previous DJ sets of 'yacht rock.' Competitive, interactive wine-tasting with comedian Amy Lamé and top sommelier Hamish Anderson is also programmed as are 50 specially invited beautiful people taking part in a work by artists Nina Jan Bier and Marie Jan Lund.

The big draw of the evening is the Staff Turner Prize. Amy Lamé hosts the competition wherein four members of the Tate Britain staff team pitch their artworks against one another and battle for the prize with a comedian to defend and promote each one. Simon Munnery, Josie Long, Tom Bell and Robin Ince each have one budding artist to promote and it's up to the audience to pick who gets to make a choked up thank you speech at the end. No indications as to what the prize actually is, though we are fairly certain it isn't £40,000.00.

Late at Tate Britain: Jackpot, Friday 2 November , 6pm to 10pm. Food and drink is available, entry is free, some events require tickets (free) due to limited space. For more information, go to the Late at Tate website here.

Last Updated 01 November 2007