Heather Mills Wants You To Eat Less Meat, Please

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Heather Mills Wants You To Eat Less Meat, Please

Paul McCartney's ex was in London yesterday for a photo shoot for the charity Viva!. Along with Heather Mills, Viva! would like us all to please eat less meat, dairy and other animal products in order to reduce global warming. We fully applaud Viva!'s commitment to the environment, and thoroughly enjoy names that feature punctuation, but we wonder how effective this campaign really is going to be.

While we can't personally see switching to a vegan lifestyle, as in our opinion a life without cheese is a life not worth living, we think it's great when people make drastic lifestyle changes in order to make the word a better place. We think that Mills' idea to drink rat's milk rather than cow's milk is probably not going to catch on any time soon, but she's not just jumping on a bandwagon to become a celebrity spokesperson here.

She's been a vegan for years, and the reason she went on Dancing With The Stars was clearly to raise awareness for animal rights and was absolutely not a publicity stunt that cleverly coincided with her divorce. But is she really going to convince people to change their eating habits? Will she capture the public's imagination as the new face of veganism?

After all, when we think of a former wife of Paul McCartney's who was a big promoter of a veggie and vegan lifestyle, who's the first person who comes to mind? Oh right. Poor Heather Mills. It's a valiant effort, but we're afraid she's still coming second best.

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Last Updated 20 November 2007