Snatch and Drag

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Snatch and Drag

This is the sort of story that Londonist just couldn’t leave alone. It’s got all the elements that certain tabloid editors must surely dream of – a 6’ chopper-wielding transsexual petrol-station robber wearing frilly knickers over her (formerly his) face as a disguise. (Actually, we don’t know if the knife was a chopper, or if the knickers were frilly – it just makes for better trash reportage.)

Chloe Bradley raided the garage not once but twice, terrifying staff and snatching over £100.00. She has been sentenced to 30 months at Wandsworth (male) prison – a tough call for the judge if you ask us, although as she is pre-op, we suppose that this is technically correct.

Londonist does of course feel for transsexuals during their transit period – it must be a pretty raw deal until everything is cut and dried (no pun intended). But armed robbery is nasty and scary, even with the flesh-coloured panties thrown into the equation. And Ms. Bradley clearly needs some more hormones, as her comportment is hardly lady-like.

It would be a very cynical person who suggested that this was a quick way to get into the judicial system, where there is a chance that she may get her surgery for free.

Anyway, with all sincerity, we hope she gets whatever help it is that she needs.

Image courtesy of camera viva’s flickr photostream.

Last Updated 12 October 2007