Preview: The Persian Revolution. Er, in Kennington.

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Preview: The Persian Revolution. Er, in Kennington.

South London is conspicuously not in the heart of modern London theatre land (although we have got the Globe – nah-nah-na-nah-nah). But we do have a good few worthy theatres (as well as the Globe). And one of the best-loved and well-used is the Oval House Theatre in Kennington.

There’s all sorts of good stuff on there, but this Londonista is very pleased that ‘The Persian Revolution’ is putting an appearance there on its nationwide tour. The play first popped up in Hammersmith last year to rave reviews, but not all of us were lucky enough to see it – so hoorah that we’re being given another chance.

The piece is darkly comic, and heavily surreal, and by all accounts jolly clever. How’s this as a plot summary:

America lands on the moon whilst an Islamic cleric searches the skies for God. In a corner of Tehran a child avidly reads the adventures of Tintin and the Vaudeville halls of London rowdily greet the majestic Shah. The sound of the Revolution approaches as the East awakens and takes its first tentative steps towards democracy.

30 Bird Productions is a young, fresh, anglo-Iranian company with huge vision and lots of oomph: this should be an evening well spent.

Call 020 7582 7680 to book, or follow the links above.

The Persian Revolution runs from Tuesday 6th – Saturday 10th November.

Would that all revolutions could be thus scheduled.

Last Updated 30 October 2007