Disasters At South London Swimming Baths

By Lindsey Last edited 138 months ago
Disasters At South London Swimming Baths

Swimming pools are dangerous places. That's why they have all those rules. You know:

- No bombing

- No ducking

- No heavy petting

Etcetera, etcetera. Keep it safe. Don't drown. Well, it seems that drowning may be the least of your worries at a couple of our South London facilities. They need some new pool rules...

In Morden: No reversing over pedestrians in the swimming pool car park

In Thornton Heath: No cars in the pool

We're not sure why there are 2 aquatic/automotive accidents in the news today but we'll be steering clear of the local baths for a bit.

Image of the lovely Park Road Lido, N8 courtesy of JamesB's Flickrstream.

Last Updated 16 October 2007