Dance Umbrella Free Stuff

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Dance Umbrella Free Stuff

If our enthusiastic dance previews didn't inspire you to go as far as actually parting with cash for contemporary dance then perhaps you could cut your teeth on free events happening as part of London's International Festival of Contemporary Dance: Dance Umbrella.

If you work near Liverpool Street then, this lunchtime or any lunchtime in the next 29 days, you can stumble across Paul-Andre Fortier performing "Solo 30x30" whilst you nip out for a sandwich. He started yesterday and will deliver the same half hour dance, every day at 1.30pm, whatever the weather, until he's done it 30 times. He's also blogging the experience so you can keep up with him without getting wet and cold. You also might want to film him on your mobile phone and upload him to YouTube. He'd like that.

This weekend you'll find a Frenchman dancing a tender love duet with a mechanical digger in the Southbank's Jubilee Gardens. Compagnie Beau Geste present the UK premiere of "Transports Exceptionnels" and if you check out the clip we think you'll agree it looks surprisingly moving and tender. Or daft. You decide.

Finally, for a more hands on and participatory affair, Instrumotional is an installation of cubes and benches inside the Royal Festival Hall Ballroom that will be accessible everyday until the end of October. You can just swan in there and explore. Even more exciting, if you stick your head inside one of the cubes you'll be able to watch a short film, a "spooky piece of dance animation". In a cube. On your head.

If any of that whets your appetite for more movement based artistry then check out the full Dance Umbrella programme.

Solo 30x30 happens everyday at 1.30pm by Liverpool Street station come rain or shine until 1 November. Transports Exceptionnels is in Jubilee Gardens, Southbank on Saturday 6 October at 2.30 and 5pm and on Sunday 7 midday and 2.30pm. Instrumotional is open between 10am and 10pm in the Royal Festival Hall Ballroom everyday except 7-9 October

Image of Paul-Andre Fortier by Fortier Danse-Création.

Last Updated 04 October 2007