Macca Is Rubbish

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Macca Is Rubbish

As far as we are concerned, McCartney should have retired years ago, just before he started Wings and released Mull of Kintyre. Sadly he didn't and continues to release albums to this day, such as this year's ridiculously mediocre left-handed mandolin tinged effort that was sold at Starbucks. Rock and Roll.

I suppose we don't really mind him releasing new solo albums, what really gets our goat is his Beatles cover band show that he schleps around the world (sometimes bringing a big bag fireworks if he gets called up to a major concert like Live 8 or the Queen's Jubilee, hang on, what do we mean 'if'?). No one appreciates having to witness the embarrassing spectacle of him wailing through 'Hey Jude' (with extended excruciating singalong nananas - "now the ladies on their own!") or singing 'Get Back' in that cringeworthy faux 1950s American rock 'n' roll voice. We'd rather drink a pint of Gaviscon.

However, 3000 of you shelled out to go and see him at the BBC's electric proms at Camden Roundhouse last night. We caught a bit on BBC2 and vomited all over our copy of 'Revolver' (although that might have been all that Gaviscon).

What really annoys us is that the BBC News website deign to report on the event as 'news' under the headline 'Sir Paul's family attend Prom gig' - bloody hell, newsflash.

There are highlights of sets from the Camden Roundhouse this weekend on BBC 2 -

Tonight - The Kaiser Chiefs 23:35 - 00:05

Tomorrow - Bloc Party 23:40 - 00:10

Sunday - Ray Davies 00:10 - 00:40

If you have children you wish to punish, you can watch last night's McCartney gig by going on BBC 2 and pressing your red button.

Last Updated 26 October 2007