An Audience of One: A Clapham Junction Experience

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An Audience of One: A Clapham Junction Experience

Clapham Junction is very rarely thought of as a magical or dramatic place. Grubby, crowded, chilly, noisy - and that's just the station. The streets around the station are even less inspiring. And yet... and yet here's a theatre company bringing an extraordinary piece of experimental theatre onto the streets of Clapham Junction, turning this area of south-west London into a unique and innovative outdoor stage. We saw something similar in Soho when we were taken Moonwalking but whereas that was about moving in groups through the festive streets of Chinatown, this is a far more urban and unusual night out.

An Audience of One is a new work produced by Laboratory, the experimental arm of Ladder to the Moon. This theatre company are accustomed to unconventional performance spaces: the main body of work for these chaps are interactive theatre projects that transform the environments of elderly mental healthcare homes, so Laboratory's efforts to go outdoors in SW11 is going to be very special. Two main actors and supporting cast lead audiences of seven at a time on an evening's walk with special pre-show instructions sent to each person. It's a highly individual experience...

When you arrive at the show you will be seated alone on a pavement, waiting to wander through the idea of home and what we are without it. The actors will come to you, tell you bits of their story and generally draw you into their world. The stories all interweave as you meet the rest of the audience and eventually you find yourself sitting down with everyone for a slightly surreal dining experience on the streets of Clapham Junction.


An Audience of One by Laboratory (Ladder to the Moon Theatre Company), Friday 19 October to Sunday 21 October. For tickets and performance times, go to the Audience of One website here.

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