A Free Lunch? Yes please!

By Talia Last edited 201 months ago

Last Updated 09 October 2007

A Free Lunch? Yes please!

Bored of eating your sandwich at your desk or trying to resist heading out to Oxford Street and spending more money than you have in your lunch hour? Well MINI may have the answer as over the last few weeks they've been instigating a series of learning lunches.

They've already taught a bunch of people how to lie effectively (!) and this week it's time for a session all about talking your way back into favour. Comedians Mark Maier and Mike Gunn are on the case with all the need to know about how to sort out those 'minor' family disagreements. The sessions take place at 12pm and 1pm for an hour this Wednesday and Thursday at the rather swanky Royal Aeronautical Society on Hamilton Place, W1.

We're a bit more interested personally in next weeks session entitled Man / Woman School and deemed as a class for you to learn essential skills in life your parents never taught you including carving roasts, declining proposals and getting a flight upgrade. That's on next Wed & Thurs (17/18 Oct) at the Quod on Haymarket.

Further sessions include Meet The Parents, Moonwalking, Kung Fu and Spy School all scattered around the west end. For full details and to sign up then head over to The Other Lunch Break and we might catch you at one of them, munching on one of the finer things in life - a free lunch.

Picture taken from Quintanaroo's flickr stream.