What's The Harm In Putting Up A Smoke Alarm?

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What's The Harm In Putting Up A Smoke Alarm?

We love Firefighters. We also harbour a morbid love for the London Fire Brigage incident page which tells you what's burnt down where (look - a hay barn in Upminster ). But now we've got love for a particular firefighter who seems to have done the impossible: produced a rap track promoting fire safety and made it look cool.

Yes, "Got Mine Got Yours" is a bonafide, non-cringeworthy message to da kidz but also quite a bad (good) track in itself. If it wasn't for the persistent smoke alarm ring that pierces the chorus and makes you think your house is burning down and the point where he tries to promote his mySpace page but can't quite fit the words in, we'd be rooting this for the charts.

Controversy, AKA Stephen-remell Coleman, decided to join the Fire Brigade after seeing a fire safety awareness demonstration at school and describes it as his dream job. He's 28, became a firefighter 18 months ago and is currently in a development programme at Wimbledon Fire Station, where the video was shot. His colleagues, who feature in the video, are shy to admit they like the track but Controversy says,

The guys on my team don't do it in front of me but I've heard them humming it

The LFB will be publicising the track to big up smoke alarm ownership and the Brigade’s free home fire safety visits. Controversy, in the meantime, is recording an album - we just hope it's a public information one because we don't want to lose our Stephen to the dark side.

Londoners can call 08000 28 44 28 to arrange for a visit from local firefighters, who will chat to them about fire risks and fit free smoke alarms if they are needed. Find out more about Controversy at www.myspace.com/­controversyworld

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