We believe

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We believe

Londonist has heard that Carshalton resident Garry Pugsley has been nabbed for carrying an eight inch knife in public. Not very clever, one would think – potentially dangerous and a tad illegal. Except that Garry is a real, modern, proactive wizard. We quote:

“I am not an illusionist, I don't do tricks, and I am not a Paul Daniels."

Although he does not actually claim that his knife is for ceremonial purposes, Londonist is sure it is carried for nothing more sinister than the odd bat decapitation. His wizardry is practised as a religion, and for the same reasons that Sikhs are permitted to bear the sirpan, we reckon that Garry should be, well, if not encouraged with his dagger, then at least let off with a caution.

The Wizard of Sutton is quite a well known figure as he dresses in full-monty-robes with a hat and a staff and, well other wizardly accessories: he even has his own fan club on Facebook - Wizzard sic Man of Sutton' (this Londonista finds Facebook a bit scary, and so you’ll have to go check that out yourselves, dear readers). Rather than being given the ‘Hello, Hello, Hello’ treatment, we feel that he should be given a tourist grant, and permission to recruit and train for other suburban areas. Most high streets are pretty soulless places, lets face it, and so colourful practitioners of any arts, whether they be dark, light or psychedelic, have to be welcomed.

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Last Updated 20 September 2007