Weekend Round-up

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Weekend Round-up


Here's what else has been going on while you've been at The Notting Hill Festival:

This weekend's news:

It's possible there could be a new Thames Barrier built.

More people have been shot in North London.

Toddler dies in swimming pool.

Authorities agree to give bus drivers more toilets. How nice.

Mum fights web drug dealers. Hooray for cyber mum!

And here's what we think might happen next week:

Pete Doherty arrested. Again.

Amy Winehouse to miss another gig. Due to exhaustion.

There will be another strike. This time about lack of loo roll or something.

It will rain when you don't have a brolly and the sun will shine when you do.

Flickr image from The Dali Lama's photostream. It's possible this is a pseudonym.

Last Updated 26 August 2007