Koko Smoke, Oh No

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Koko Smoke, Oh No

BBC 6music news reported this evening that KOKO, Camden Town’s premiere indie-club-gig place and home of Club NME, is planning to introduce smoking rations for those undisciplined weaklings who’ve been unwilling or unable to kick the filthy habit by 1 July.

Under a new scheme, on club nights only (we assume gigs present too many security issues) those wishing to smoke will be generously granted 7 minute fag breaks outside - but none of this indelible black stamp on the back of your hand business. No. Re-entry will be subject to fingerprinting. Yup.

Whilst applauding the establishment's creative thinking around accommodating the smoking clientele we can’t help feeling that this may be unnecessarily draconian. Have the staff been watching too much CSI? Images of smokers emerging from the sweat-box, dusted for prints and clocked into battery-style smoking pens only to be ejected a strict 7 minutes later and verified by handscan before being allowed back to the dancefloor seem ludicrous, surely?

A representative of the nearby and altogether more chilled out Dublin Castle was heard to suggest that such measures might “annoy” people. We're pretty sure they’re right but await further confirmation before sending in our guinea pig and passing judgement.

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Last Updated 02 August 2007


Well it's actually just a sneaky way to make sure people don't go somewhere else for a drink. Prices at Koko are so expensive, that if you could get out, you might go next door to Sainsburys, down a couple of drinks and then go back. I always used to "go to the cashpoint" back home as a teenager but actually go to another bar to check who was in there out of my friends!


I'm disgusted that a club can think it's a good idea to do this. The smoking police are bad enough (HOW smug?) Koko really are pushing smoker's buttons here. I've accepted the ban, nay, welcomed it - even as a smoker. But I refuse to go anywhere where I'm told how long I can stand outside for. Smoking outside is not a crime. No one is taking my finger prints! I love Koko, I think it's great there, but until this policy changes, I'll keep my nasty yellow stained fingers to myself and putting my beer money into someone elses pockets.


I don't like this either, but I did check their signs when I was there last and apparently the print merely signs you in and out, it doesn't get stored after you've 'signed' back with your print or (if you bugger off) after the night is over.

Not a great policy, but at least it's not building a fingerprint database on the sly like some clubs I've heard about around the country who demand ID and a finger print scan which they then keep indefinitely as your 'membership'.