Trusted Places

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Trusted Places

We like helping you pick what's for lunch. We like sharing with you what we know is going on in the world of drinking, dining, cooking and food shopping in London. But, though we try, we cannot know it all and we trust you to know your onions, know what you like and know where to get it. That element of trust has been developed, nurtured and turned into something quite special by our friends at Trusted Places, who join us in the lefthand sidebar from today.

We've got some joined-up thinking happening here and we want you to be part of it. You see the Trusted Places map on the left? It's a pretty little thing and very useful too. It's your own personalised way of plugging those gaps left by things we have failed to mention, things we are missing out on, the things we couldn't help you with. The Trusted Places map has got reviews and recommendations for all sorts of bars, restaurants and shops. Have a go: type in a restaurant you've been meaning to try but not sure about, and see what other people say about it. Or, if you've got a specific thing you're looking for but haven't found it yet - a kosher Chinese restaurant for example, or a non-alcoholic cocktail bar - type that in and see if anyone can help you.

Perhaps you've been given the task of finding a family friendly pub with good food in a part of town you know nothing about. Maybe you have recently had a life-changing experience in a deli on your street, or you want everyone to know about the amazing croissants at the bakery around the corner... tell us all about it on Trusted Places. Not only will you be talking with all the new people you will meet on Trusted Places, you will be sharing your knowledge with Londonist at the same time. And we would like that very much.

For an example of what level of insider knowledge to expect from Trusted Places, have a look at the Trusted Places tour of Borough Market led by Celia Brooks Brown.

While the gathered food bloggers were all very familiar with the market, there was still a lot to learn about the place and what was being tasted. Londonist Co-Editor Hazel went home almost speechless with pleasure (could have been the truffle-infused honey...) and was quite convinced she had 'found her people.' You may come to the same conclusion. Join TrustedPlaces now and become friends with Londonist, write reviews, and as all reviews will appear magically on the map on the left, be part of something special.

Last Updated 04 July 2007